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 I am Ruby Rose Kelly and I am the founder and sole creator of future heirlooms at Serpent Rouge. I am on a journey of metallic discovery, and the pieces formed here are a reflection of what I have learned along the way. I fell in love with the methodical and detailed fabrication of gleaming adornments in the south of France where I would walk past a shopfront everyday where a little old spectacled man would sit quietly focused tapping away at this or that in the front window. While the name Serpent Rouge pays homage to that niçoise window front it also symbolizes rebirth and seduction, growth and production, as this is a new path for me. I Spent some time shadowing a wonderful Chain Maker in the Melbourne CBD where I learnt some basic skills and since then I have developed my practice through play, trial and error. Everything is crafted by hand in my little studio and made with recycled metals, ethically sourced or synthetic stones and a lot of love 💕