CHRISTMAS ORDERS: Made to order closed. Ready to Ship closes Dec 10th.


Silver Topaz ring on a bed of flowers, a selection of rings and pendants on a scarf, aquamarine ring on a bed of flowers

The Earth we live on is a beautiful place and mother nature has presented exquisite materials for us to build with however humans have created systems that turn things ugly, think blood diamonds and child labour.
Not only do I endeavour to create Heirloom pieces of interesting design but I also create them with the earth in mind.
Being predominantly made to order this means I do not have masses of stock and materials pilled up, things are made slow and only take what is needed.
It is important to me that all Silver and Gold I use is 100% recycled (some places claim they are recycled but they only require 7% of recycled material to claim this) So either I recycle in my own studio or use suppliers that meet that 100% mark.
When it comes to gemstones things can be very shady, if you do your research you will find "conflict free diamonds" are owned by the top jewellery retailers and have many a loophole. I have take my time developing relationships with stone retailers that follow standards that I deem ethical, specifically being traceable from mine to me, and that measures are taken at all levels to ensure each person is looked after and paid properly and that no child labour is involved. 
I have a strong connection with Australian suppliers who mine and cut/polish here. We have beautiful sources of natural Garnet, Opal, Sapphire and Tourmaline. For Diamonds I use only Australian Argile mined or Lab created stones.I have also built a relationship with a small family run mine in Sri Lanka that provide stunning Sapphires and Spinels.
I also love to repurpose vintage stones and metals.
When it comes to packaging I use an FSC (Forrest Stewardship Council) Certified jewellery boxes, tissue paper and compostable mailing bags.